The Songbirds are a group of seven Wairarapa women who just love to sing. The Group made its debut performance for the Georgian Rugby team in World Cup 2011 and since then have sung at various community and private events including the inaugural Kokomai Creative Festival in 2013. The Songbird’s will be popping up at various events throughout the festival singing a diverse bracket of Maori Waiata, heart stirring anthems, gospel and spiritual tunes as well as some popular modern favourites. “We look forward to meeting and entertaining you in soul warming Wairarapa style” – The Songbirds'

You can see the Songbirds during Kokomai at:

Booktown, Featherston - 12.30 on Saturday 17th October

Booktown, Featherston - 12.30 on Sunday 18th October

And other surprise venues around the Wairarapa.