This is a comical, heart-warming show all the way from Wales, which comments on the situation rural communities are currently having to face with the influence of globalisation and urbanisation. With live music and welsh cakes, Hiraeth explores the decline of welsh tradition and identity through one woman's struggle to escape and let go. “There are laughs and tears, both on and off stage, in a charming piece . . .” British Theatre Guide, 5 Stars

In the summer of 1989 a farmer's wife gives birth to a baby girl named Buddug James Jones. In this moment she became heir to the family's 300 year old farming dynasty. Desperate to leave, Bud wrestles with the knowledge that her departure sounds the death knell for the family farm. Leaving five generations of tradition behind her, she sets out alone into the big smoke of London. 

Finish this fantastic evening of comedy by dancing it away with the Hiraeth Twmpath Band. Join Buddug, David, Max and Tom for an evening of folk music from across the British Isles. Strip the Willow, dance the Ffarmers Jig, Buddug will teach you Cylch Y Cymry and polka to Gay Gordon's.  Twmpath is a Welsh word literally meaning a hump or tump, once applied to the mound or village green upon which the musicians sat and played for the community to dance. Itis the Welsh equivalent to a Scottish Ceilidh. 

Pre-order your Tui platter for Tui Brewery show: $20.00 for two when you buy your tickets.

Cash bar and snacks available at Pirinoa and Whareama shows.

What the reviewers said:

“Sweetly hilarious lo-fi comedy”  TIME OUT ****

“Undoubtedly this year’s find” EVENING STANDARD ****

“It’s a real charmer”  THE TELEGRAPH ****

“A show of real charm on a universal theme that explores the things that hold us together but sometimes also tear us apart.”  THE GUARDIAN


Hiraeth was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 after winning the Underbelly Ideas Tap Award 2014, to great success.