Up with People Presents: Don McGlashan - Lucky Stars Solo Tour
Don McGlashan is one of this country's most respected performers and songwriters. From Blam Blam Blam and the Front Lawn to the Mutton Birds and a highly successful solo output Don has had a career that spans three decades and in that time has toured the world and won countless awards. His recently released album Lucky Stars has been hailed by many as one of his very best and finds him collaborating with members of the Phoenix Foundation as well as old band-mate David Longe. He makes his Kokomai and King Street debut with a solo performance that is certainly not to be missed.
A rich collection of personal songs exploring love, regret and mortality, the recently released album Lucky Stars from pre-eminent singer/songwriter Don McGlashan is already considered to be among his best work. Written at a bach on the Thames Estuary, Lucky Stars was recorded mostly at Auckland’s Roundhead Studio, Auckland with guitarist Tom Rodwell, Mutton Bird David Long and Seven Sisters/Phoenix Foundation drummer Chris O’Connore. 

What the reviewers said:
The New Zealand Herald’s Russell Baillie gave the album five stars, deeming the song ‘For Your Touch’ the centrepiece of one terrific record. A personal classic.”  Metro commented on “the spine-tingling way he moves from major to minor keys, his keenly observational eye, the thoughtfulness with which his songs are forged”. In his Blog On The Tracks’ Simon Sweetman named Lucky Stars as “his finest solo record so far. An evocative journey, an almost spiritual calmness guides this record’s songs, they hover – finding their own space – long after first impact.”