With painting and soundtrack ever intertwined, this series has sprung from listening to Mike Hogan's album 'Dark to Light' and driving the Wairarapa landscape, experiencing the merging of aural and visual themes. Repetition and rhythm, colour and tone, power lines, fence lines, white lines- the land speeds by while moving tectonically slow.
The album's 'Matariki Suite' follows the transition from dark to light, as days lengthen coming out of winter. The growing importance of Matariki as a national celebration seems hopeful, a time when all cultures can come together without loaded historical baggage, marking the renewal of land and light. A beacon to navigate our way home.

Martine spent many years freelancing in the Wellington film industry before taking on the establishment of the Backspace Gallery at Thrive. This is her first solo exhibition in the Wairarapa.

Open from October 3rd daily 10.30am to 5pm, until October 26th.

During the Festival on 25 October, the composer will introduce Christopher Hill of the NZGQ to play a microconcert in the gallery, surrounded by the work: see our separate listing for details.