The re-appearance of the Matariki constellation signifies the beginning of the Maori new year-a transition from dark to light, as the days lengthen, and moods change. Composer Mike Hogan's Matariki suite for classical guitar premiered in London before being revised in 2013 and recorded by Christopher Hill on the album Dark to Light, with four of Mike's other contemporary compositions.

Christopher is a founding member of the New Zealand Guitar Quartet and the Wellington Guitar Duo, and has toured extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia with these groups. As well as classical guitar, Chris specialises in Flamenco and featured as soloist with the NZSO in the 2014 New Zealand International Arts Festival performance of 'Áinadamar.’ 

The concert takes place in the intimate setting of the gallery, during Martine Bijker's 'Dark to Light' exhibition of paintings in large part inspired by the album and its themes. Mike will be present to introduce, and Chris will play compositions from the album as well as some of his own favourite pieces.