Kathryn Seagave & Jeremy Thompson, Peter and Mary Biggs, Robin Marshall and Clare Bardsley, Sean and Cimone, Tim Clarke & Sam Warner


Alastair Bisley & Lydia Wevers, Brian King & Bobbie-Joe Wilson, Chris and John Hume, David and Roxana Johnson, Jo and Mont Beetham, Juliet and Murray McKee, Katie and Jeff Yates, Marguerite Tait Jamieson & Garrick Ems, Sir Paul Collins, Rosemary and Max Bradford, Rupert and Heidi Holbrook, Simon Wallace, Anonymous, Borman Family Trust


Adri & Izzy Isbister, Anne and Shane Atkinson, Chris Cassels & Graeme Thomson, Fran Wilde & Chris Kelly, John & Julie Booth 


Alex Johnston & Kevin Fearon, Barbara and Ray Roydhouse, Barry Gleeson, Brian & Margaret Bourke, Catherine Graydon, Chris Tracey, Don Simmers & Annabelle O’Meara, Gaye Searancke, Hamish Moorhead, Helen Clayson and Alan Lodge, Helen Kedgley and Chris Laidlaw, Jenny and Bob Tosswill, John and Margaret Wareham, Leonie Easterguard, Marcus Darley and Grant Alecock, Mike and Donna Burkhart, Neil and Dawn McCallum, Paulette Harris & Craig Cherry, Rob and Susie Steele, Ron Mark, Wayne Skipage and Matt Boulton